Folding Plastic Driveway Bollards Parking Barrier Cones

Plastic Bollards


Folding Plastic Driveway Bollards Parking Barrier Cones

Using high-quality PU soft material, good resilience, wear resistance, one-time injection molding parking bollard, compression resistance, no trace after folding.

The surface of the parking column is equipped with a high-strength reflective film, which has high visibility during the day and at night. The reflection is durable and not easy to break, enhances the driver’s visibility to improve driving awareness and caution.

The large parking barrier base adopts a three-layer circular spider web structure with a diameter of 20cm and 3 holes for installation. It is stable and firm. The top is equipped with a detachable buckle, which is convenient for wearing a plastic chain on the top, which is convenient to take, beautiful and does not hurt your hands