Heavy Hex Bolt ASTM A354 Grade BC & BD

Heavy Hex Bolt


Product Specifications

Heavy hex bolts have larger and thicker heads than regular or standard hex bolts, and are commonly used in a wide variety of applications. These fasteners are available in different sizes, both lengths and diameters, although all come with a hexagon head. A354 Grade BD bolts have got higher strength than A354 Grade BC.

Category: Bolts

Dimensions: Standard and Custom

Finish: Zinc, Chromates, Dip-Spin Coatings and Electrocoat.

Material & Mechanical Properties: This specification covers the chemical and mechanical requirements of quenched and tempered alloy steel bolts, studs, and other externally threaded fasteners. They are made from alloy steel conforming to the chemical composition requirements. Two levels of bolting strength available: Grades BC and BD. Selection will depend upon design and the stresses and service for which the product is to be used. Hardness, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and area reduction are tested to meet the specification requirements.