High Viscosity Adhesive Duct Tape Black

Tap High Viscosity Adhesive Duct Tape, Black

Product Specifications

High Viscosity Adhesive Duct TapeThe non-slip tape is made of high-quality PU material, nano-thick design, high-viscosity pull, stretch will not break, the material is soft, tearing will not damage the wall. Wash immediately after use and wait for air drying to get new tape. Environmentally friendly nano-adhesive tape is safe and easy to cut,easily be recycled, and you can cut the length you want.

This double-sided tape is suitable for smooth, clean and dry surfaces. It can be applied to tiles, glass, metal, plastic, etc., and firmly grasp your items, so please ensure that your wall is clean and dry before use.

Tape can be used to hang pictures and posters, clocks, etc. It can also be used to fix carpets and prevent your family from slipping due to the carpet. You can also fix small objects in your life that are nowhere to be placed, such as remote controls, keys, chargers, etc., to make your home more clean and tidy.

Transparent sticker can being used for wall, ground, doors and windows, it can also be used in home, office, car, wardrobe, tabletop, bathroom, and so on