DIN 444 Eye Bolts with Heavy Wing Nut

DIN 444 Eye Bolts with Heavy Wing Nut


Product Specifications

Butterfly nut has got wings which permit manual turning and easy assembly by hand. They are commonly used in applications where the fastener application demands frequent adjustments or removal. They are manufactured using best quality stainless steel and metal alloys that have excellent corrosion resistance properties. Al Beaa offers a complete range of eye bolts and with heavy wing nuts in multiple sizes, materials and grades.

Brass eyebolt fittings are used in place of carbon steel fittings for marine and industrial applications and where fittings are exposed to oxidizing acids, alkalis, neutral brines and detrimental temperatures.Also available in stainless steel and carbon steel material.

Category: Nuts & Bolts

Dimensions: Standard and Custom

Finish: Zinc, Chromates, Dip-Spin Coatings and Electrocoat.